AGGULP Aguulp Gut - 7x30ml

AGGULP Aguulp Gut - 7x30ml
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Description: Food for a happy and healthy gut. Aguulp for Gut is a prebiotic developed for those looking to optimise their digestive function. It contains a powerful blend of soluble fibre, prebiotics (Inulin, GOS, FOS), vitamins and amino-acids. Aguulp for Gut feeds and stimulates the growth of good bacteria in your gut, helping them flourish and contributes to the normal bowel function. Aguulp for Gut feeds healthy gut bacteria, repairs gut lining and supports normal bowel movements. Using patented liquid liposomal technology for targeted delivery, (think waterproof onesies, for nutrients) Aguulp formulas offer up to 98% absorption. Comprehensive and convenient, at home or on the go, the nutrients you need in just one gulp. Not suitable for vegans & vegetarians.


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