Winter Best Health and Beauty Buys

We may well be due another winter wonderland this year, but the party season is also a health and beauty assault course. Many factors can take their toll on our health and the cold weather brings colds and other illnesses. The wind, rain and snow can also have detrimental effects on our beautiful summer skin and fabulous sun kissed hair. Not only the weather but a diet of comfort food, less exercise and more central heating all have their part to play when it comes to bad skin, extra pounds and frizzy hair.

However, luckily we are saved during the party season by a great choice of health and beauty products which supplement our natural beauty and existing immune systems. First, stocking up on essential vitamins is important before winter. Antioxidant vitamins such as Vitamins A, C and E are all helpful in fighting the nasty bugs that spread so easily during winter. Some people may also benefit from Vitamin D in the wintertime as this is one that natural daylight gives us.

It is also worth accepting that winter does invariably bring about colds and flus and although prevention is better than cure, it is still good to be prepared for the worst. Stock up on plenty of cold and flu medicines, either natural or pharmaceutical, whichever is your preference, but if, or when, you do succumb to winter illnesses there is nothing worse than having to traipse to the chemist because you have not stocked up.

Beauty essentials in the winter often boil down to those which protect our skin from the harsh elements. It is worth investing in a really heavy duty hand cream and remembering to apply it regularly, including before you even leave the house. If you are blasé during summer about facial moisturising, now is the time to commit to a really good skincare routine and remember to moisturise every day. The best beauty buys for winter also include switching make-up for paler shades to avoid a fake look. Any make-up that glimmers, shimmers, shines or glistens is also a great way to sizzle at the Christmas party when you have lost the summer glow.

There are some really great products out there, designed both to boost your health and your beauty this winter. Shop around for great offers such as Boots discount vouchers which can help you make huge savings on supplements, vitamins, medicines or beauty products. If you need to make an impression at this year's Christmas party you will want to look as healthy and beautiful as you feel all summer and in winter we all need a little help.