Finding the Right Products for your Skin

People are becoming more and more concerned about the way they look. Our skin, particularly the face, is subject to many external conditions such as sun damage. The skin therefore requires special attention. Our skin also changes as we mature, requiring different cleansing regimes. The need to cleanse our skin affects men and women, young and old alike.

To understand what products to use, the individual must be familiar with their skin tone. The main skin types are seen as being either oily or dry skin. Many people have a combination of oily skin in some places and dry in others. Everyone, regardless of skin type should use a facial wash, exfoliate and moisturise. Even people with normal skin should use a cleansing regime.

Acne is one of the most common facial skin problems, particularly amongst teenagers. It is caused by excessive oil being released onto the skin`s surface. The reason our bodies release too much oil is as a result of fatty acids and lipids below the skin not being broken down properly and returned to the bloodstream. For those suffering from acne, a product is required which shuts down oil production before it reaches the skin's surface. It is important to exfoliate oily skin in order to remove oil and dirt.

People with sensitive skin should use products which are 100% natural. Some products with strong ingredients may give side effects such as a rash or irritation. In more extreme circumstances, using the wrong moisturiser can cause redness, even eczema. When trying a new product, test it on the earlobe before applying to the face to check that there is no inflammation. For dry or mature skin, the product used should be light and alcohol free. Without moisturiser, dry skin types may become flaky, itchy and tight. For aging skin, moisturiser can reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and sagging skin. With age, skin looks dull and dehydrated. A moisturiser will tone and brighten the skin.

Skin treatment generally takes the form of creams, lotions, or gels. Results can usually start to be seen in a couple of days. There is however medication which exists to assist the skin which is taken orally in either medicine or capsule form. Men need to pay additional attention to their skin during and after shaving. Products for men contain stronger ingredients which would not be suitable for women.

Do not be afraid to try new products as they enter the market. People with normal or oily skin should use water based products. Gel moisturisers tend to be oil free.

Advertising on television and in magazines is overrun with the latest beauty treatments. Moisturisers and facial wash can be found in most high street department stores along with specialist body shops and small boutiques. Products may also be found via the internet. In store and online advice is available to discuss the best cleansing regime for the individual. There is a big variation in price ranges between the products. The most expensive product is not always the best. Groupon discounts are often available on beauty products along with individual promotions. Most people use products from a well established brand name because of reputation and word of mouth. To find the best product, read reviews, talk to other people and share experiences