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Brand: Bare Biology Ltd

Description: Skinful marine collagen powder + Vitamin C from acerola, with natural strawberry and rhubarb flavour. A Superfine Daily Powder. Skinful marine collagen powder is sourced from certified sustainable hydrolysed wild codfish skin ( Gadus morhua) and is made in Norway. 4,354mg type I marine collagen peptides & 50mg Vitamin C per serving (one standard size tablespoon). Food based source of natural Vitamin C from acerola: the recommended daily allowance which is highly absorbed and helps your body produce collagen. Natural strawberry & rhubarb flavour with stevia: mixes beautifully in smoothies, shakes, juice or just plain water. The super fine powder means it dissolves quickly and without lumps. Skinful marine collagen + Vitamin C is third-party purity tested and is non- GMO, Halal-certified, free from antibiotics/hormones and gluten-free. Mixes beautifully in smoothies, shakes, juice or just plain water. Ingredients Pure marine codfish ( Gadus morhua) collagen peptides, acerola (natural Vitamin C source), natural strawberry & rhubarb flavour, colouring (beetroot extract E162), sweetener (steviol glycosides E960). Directions For Use1 tablespoon (5g) daily. Do not exceed the daily recommended amounts. Precautions Allergy advice: Fish and may contain traces of Shellfish. Not suitable for people with Fish or Shellfish allergy. Consult your doctor if you | re on medication. OK during pregnancy or breastfeeding if you've taken it before without any problems. Collagen can affect serotonin levels. If you have a history of mental health concerns or are currently taking antidepressants, consult a qualified healthcare professional

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