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Brand: Medpro

Description: Prosta Sol, a herbal food supplement containing prostate-helping herbs, has been formulated to give optimum prostate nutritional support. Developed by a Swiss clinic and manufactured by Medpro, this food supplement is gaining a reputation as one of the best prostate nutritional formulations available. Prostasol, like all Medpro supplements, are manufactured in Holland under GMP, GDP and HACCP standards. As a result of these stringent quality controls, Medpro Prostasol tests negative for oestrogens and oestrogenic contamination, and therefore has no direct hormonal action. This makes it a safe product to take. However, we also advise those taking herbal supplements to check first with their doctors. Included in this newest formulation of Prosta Sol is Linum Life (a flaxseed lignan source), BCM95 Curcumin Extract (a highly bioavailable curcumin extract, and Regrestrol (a mixture of plant sterols).

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