Tony's Chocolonely Almonds

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Tony'S Chocolonely - Dark Chocolate 51% Almonds & Sea Salt 180g

Price: £3.75

Brand: Tony's Chocolonely


Description: Belgian dark chocolate with almond and sea salt. Cocoa solids: 51% minimum. Made in belgium. This Fairtrade Dark Almond Sea Salt Chocolate Bar is a rich chocolate bar with an intense 51% cocoa content, chewy almond pieces and infused sea salt. This vegan, plain chocolate is packed full of flavour and 100% slave labour-free. This ethical chocolate bar has a green wrapper and is wonderfully whacky with blocks in irregular sizes to show how profits in the global chocolate industry are unfairly divided. The bottom of the bar has a design that represents the map of equatorial West Africa. This chocolate bar is big enough to share - if you have to! This bar is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Ingredients Cocoa mass, sugar, almond, cocoa butter, sea salt, soy lecithin. May contain traces of Tree nuts, Milk, Peanuts, Eggs and Wheat. Tony's Chocolonely Tony'S Chocolonely - Dark Chocolate 51% Almonds & Sea Salt 180g - shop the best deal online on

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