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Bioserum Herbetom - 2 - Pulm 250ml

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Brand: Bioserum

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Description: BIOSERUM Herbetom 2 Pulm 250mlnn Herbetom 2 Pulm is a concentrated syrup consisting of a unique blend of plant extracts, numerous herbs and nutrients well known for their action on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. The ingredients in Herbetom 2 Pulm are well known in plant literature to be anti-bacterial, anti-biotic and a stimulator of mucus secretions and have been carefully balanced following extensive research to ensure their synergistic action. Only the finest quality herbs and nutrients are used in the formulation of Herbetom 2 Pulm®, which was developed and tested over a twenty year period prior to its 1993 launch in Spain. Careful studies of Herbetom 2 Pulm have shown it to provide these three actions on the body: Synergic Action: Components work together for a maximum efficiency without toxicity. Adaptogen Action: Helps the body adapt and regulate the defence forces. Multi-factorial Action: To balance metabolism and the endocrine processes. The result of these actions intensifies the immunity level and raises psychological preformances without side effects. Herbetom 2 Pulm also provides an extraordinarily effective alternative in the treatment of respiratory problems and the majority of pathologies due to the three types of action: Resolutive of the illness in the process. Preventative in which it increases the defences and prevents infections. Regenerator of the bronchial mucosa by undergoing attacks by conventional prolonged treatments or by repeated pathological processes. Bioserum Herbetom - 2 - Pulm 250ml - shop the best deal online on

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