Foods Of Athenry Autumn Range

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Foods Of Athenry Just Oats Flapjack Mini Bites 150g

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Brand: Foods Of Athenry

Price: £2.75

Description: Just oats' Flapjacksnn Fibre-filled energy food packed full of wonderfully nutritious certified gluten & wheat-free oats with a slight gingery kick.nn Treat yourself naturally.nn In bringing up our family we firmly believed that 'good food promotes good health', so we took great care in preparing our own lunchbox snacks and treats. When this way of life turned into a business, we applied that same simple rule to all our delicious products.nn Using certified gluten & wheat-free oats blended with ginger and made dairy free - we baked an indulgent bar that made us feel good. while being good for us!nn Bain taitneamh as! Enjoy!nn The Lawless family. Foods Of Athenry Just Oats Flapjack Mini Bites 150g - shop the best deal online on

Category: Autumn Range

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