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Cocofina Coconut Amino 250ml


Brand: Cocofina

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Description: Cocofina Coconut Amino is a healthy soy free and naturally gluten free substitute for traditional soy/teriyaki sauce and an ideal alternative for those with an intolerance. Amino is made by fermenting coconut sap. This amazing condiment has a delectable and balanced taste revealing sweet, savoury, umami and salty flavours. It is multi-functional, so no matter what you use it for, it will add incredible flavour to your creations!. Nutritional Information. Typical Values. Per 100 ml. Energy. 178 kcal. Fat. 0 g. of which saturates. 0 g. Carbohydrate. 43 g. of which sugars. 38 g. Fibre. 0 g. Protein. 0.5 g. Salt. 8 g. Ingredients. Coconut Nectar* 70%, Vinegar*, Sea Salt, Ginger Extract*. * Organic certified ingredients. Brand Details. Cocofina. THE ART OF THE START. In 2004, our founder Jacob Thundil was relaxing on a beach in Brazil sipping a coconut when he came up with the idea to bottle coconut water. He was contemplating a new start-up and given his passion for coconuts, starting was easy! Jacob was born in Kerala. Kerala in Sanskrit means 'land of coconut trees'. He grew up enjoying coconuts so it was natural for him to start Cocofina. THE BEST COCONUTS. The journey began when he set out to find the best tasting coconuts! His discovery of a special species of coconuts created history. His goal was to provide the finest of the finest coconuts for his customers. Cocofina received its first Excellence in Food and Drink Award in 2005 where the judges rightly said, people who want healthy food and drinks will go for Cocofina. HEALTH AND HONESTY. Our aim is still the same since our humble beginnings, to serve healthy and yummy coconut goodies to the world. The Cocofina brand represents healthy, honest and quality products. Cocofina products are made from the right coconuts with no hidden ingredients, additives or preservatives. NOW. Cocofina is now sold in 3,000 speciality and healthy outlets in the UK and 28 countries worldwide. With over 10 years' experience, we know our coconuts and select only the finest for our customers. Our focus on taste is reflected in the quality of our coconuts. As we continue to grow, we will continue to contribute to communities where we operate. Also Check: Mallow Puffs Raspberry Mallows 100g.

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