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Fabalous Orange Hazelnut and Cocoa Chickpea Spread 200g


Brand: Fabalous

Price: £5.25


Description: Vegan. Organic. A delicious combination of organic hazelnuts, cocoa and chickpeas. Fabalous is the first hazelnut-choc spread to use chickpeas as the primary ingredient (32%), with each jar containing on average 128 dried chickpeas and 8 shelled hazelnuts. This chocolatey treat can be enjoyed guilt free, as it has 37% less sugar and 49% more protein than the leading cacao and hazelnut spread brand. Nutritional Information. Typical Values. Per 100 g. Energy. 543 kcal. Fat. 35.5 g. of which saturates. 6.70 g. Carbohydrate. 41.80 g. of which sugars. 29.50 g. Protein. 9.40 g. Salt. 0.10 g. Fibre. 9.10 g. Ingredients. * Chickpeas (32%), *cane sugar, *sunflower oil, *hazelnuts paste (12%), *low fat cocoa powder (7%), *cocoa butter (5%), *sunflower lecithin, sea salt, natural aroma: essential orange oil. * Organic ingredient. Brand Details. Fabalous. A Fabalous ingredient, chickpeas are high in protein and a source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. They also help improve our air and soil as the plants naturally release nitrogen into the earth as they grow - good for you, and good for the planet!.

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