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Raw Living Raw Nori Sheets 10 sheets


Brand: Raw Living

Price: £8.99


Description: Nori is most commonly known for its use in sushi, but it can also be used to make a nutrient dense wrap for almost any food. Crumbled Nori adds a salty crunch to salads and soups while thin slices of Nori are also great as an edible garnish for any meal. Raw Living's raw Nori is the highest quality raw Nori that we have found available on the market - it doesn't disintegrate like some other brands. It is certified organic at source and regularly tested for radiation and pesticides. This Nori is grown in a single location just below the Sea of Japan in a 4,000 acre growing site that is classified as 'Certified Organic Growing Waters." To achieve this International Standard, the harvest area waters are tested monthly, and must test 100% clean continuously for minimum of 3 years before receiving organic status. The seaweed is harvested and brought to the production facility. After arrival the Nori is inspected and separated. The Nori Sheets are made from only the highest grade (upper 15% of the total harvest). After the product is low temperature dried it is cut to size and packaged.

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