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Wicked Gummy Co Multivitamin Gummy (60serve)

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Brand: Wicked Gummy Co

Price: £16.65

Description: 60 lemon flavour gummies All your essentials in two delicious gummies. What better way to start the day. Our unique vitamin blend contains A, B6, C & E, as well as niacin and selenium. Reduce tiredness, improve your immunity and enjoy stronger vision and bones! We all know we should get our vitamins and minerals, but with a busy lifestyle it can be difficult to find the time to eat the things that fulfil that demand. That's where Wicked Gummy Co's Multivitamin Gummy's come in! Their unique blend contains vitamin A, B6, C and E as well a Niacin and Selenium. Vitamin C contributes to normal immune function healthy and well. Vitamin A contributes a lot to eye health to keep your vision from deteriorating. Niacin contributes to normal psychological function to keep away that nasty brain fog. Vitamin B6 helps fight fatigue and tiredness to keep you energised. Vitamin E helps protect the cells from oxidative stress helping you live longer. Biotin helps to keep your hair, skin and nails luscious and healthy. With all those benefits you can see how a multivitamin can be worth your time!. Wicked Gummy Co Multivitamin Gummy (60serve) - shop the best deal online on thehealthfoodshop.net

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