Eco-Max Washing Up Liquid

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Eco-Max Washing Up Liquid Fragrance Free (740ml)

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Brand: Eco-Max

Price: £3.75

Description: The potent cleaning power of the readily biodegradable ingredients in Eco-Max Washing-Up Liquid make this plant-based washing-up liquid tough on grease but super gentle on hands. This vegan and non toxic liquid has foaming properties to provide the cleaning experience you’re used to, while hydrating Aloe vera works to moisturise your skin. This unscented liquid is kind even to the most sensitive skin and the planet. Eco max make truly outstanding cleaning products to the highest standards of environmental sustainability, from ingredients to packaging, to the manufacturing process itself. Eco-Max Washing Up Liquid Fragrance Free (740ml) - shop the best deal online on

Category: Washing Up Liquid

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