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Belu Still Water 750ml x 12

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Brand: Belu

Price: £19.95

Description: BELU Belu Still Water 750ml nn Belu mineral water is sourced from Shropshire in the United Kingdom.nn The producers of Belu mineral water are committed to reducing its environmental impact by offsetting all CO2 emissions and using PVC-free bottle caps to reduce unwanted chemicals escaping into local water supplies and causing unnecessary environmental damage. This makes Belu 100% Carbon Neutral.nn Belu are the exclusive bottled water partner of Water Aid and have committed to donating a minimum of £300, 000 of profits over the next three years – to transform the lives of over 200, 000 people.nn Nutritional Info nnp H (at source) 7.62 nn Total Dissolved Solids 300 nn Calcium 59.1 nn Magnesium 24.1 nn Sodium 26.4 nn Potassium 1.6 nn Bicarbonates 266 nn Sulphates 12.3 nn Chlorides 40 nn Nitrates 3.7 nn Silica –. Belu Still Water 750ml x 12 - shop the best deal online on

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