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Healthspan Immunovit Zinc Defence Lozenges 45loz

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Brand: Healthspan

Price: £6.99

Description: What is Immuno Vit? Healthspan have developed a range of immune health supplements containing innovative ingredients combined with proven immune nutrients. Ideal for anyone looking for seasonal protection or year-round immunity support. Strong> What is Zinc Defence Lozenges? Zinc is an essential mineral that has long been associated with its benefits to the immune system. In this innovative lozenge format, Healthspan's formulation is designed to be taken at the first sign of cold and flu, to coat the membranes of the nose and throat. Each lozenge provides 34mg of zinc acetate, which delivers 10mg of active ionic zinc. Healthspan Immunovit Zinc Defence Lozenges 45loz - shop the best deal online on

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